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Downspout is an ever-evolving mix of music, words and sound. For two hours each Thursday night, I play what I like, explore the KBGA library and playlist, and check out new tracks that come my way throughout the week. I very often play songs and artists I have never heard before. I love the experimental/improvisational side of things. I love the Grateful Dead. I love to play more than one "song" at a time. I love accordion. You may look across the room to whomever you are listening to KBGA with and say "what the hell is this'" even as you are looking for your headphones to get a better listen. I recommend the headphones, gang. I'm not advertising or trying to promote any artists on my show. I am simply trying to entertain you. And IF you are entertained by things that you have to look away from to see what they really are, then Downspout is your show.


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Downspout  9:00pm Pacific Thu 120 min KBGA 89.9 FM Missoula, MT
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