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Shows: Bob Lawrence - The Album Collection

It is fair to say that I've "been around a bit" as far as radio is concerned.

I left school knowing that I wanted to work on Radio Caroline and it took me a year to convince the boss to let me get out on to the ship, eventually somebody left and I took their place, that was in the summer of 1978. I stayed with the station until our ship Mi Amigo sank in 1980. From Caroline I did a whole load of stuff on land: Greenwich Sound, BRMB Radio, Beacon, Signal, Buzz and ended up doing what I do for a living now which is a voice over artist appearing on countless radio and TV commercials, corporate videos and the odd TV show too.

Caroline called again in 1999, we negotiated a deal for me to return to present a weekly Sunday lunchtime programme, if I remember correctly the negotiations went something like "Do you want to come back'"...

"Yeah" ...

"Good! Start next week" and I've been hanging around ever since. Although I took a break from presentation for a couple of years, I was still lurking around in the background. In fact I am proud to say that I belong to the small band of Caroline presenters who have broadcast over five consecutive decades (Nigel and I still argue about which of us was the first voice on Caroline in the 80's and the last in the 70's).



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Bob Lawrence - The Album Collection  8:00am Pacific Fri 120 min Radio Caroline NET London, 
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